Upcoming Shows

Fri July 18 6-8 pm Albuquerque Ned’s on San Mateo
Sat July 19 TBD Albuquerque Route 66 SummerFest
Wed Aug 6 6-9 pm Albuquerque Marble Brewery
Sat Aug 16 7 pm Albuquerque 24 Hours of Art @ the Railyard


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“. . . a lipstick-smeared excursion into electro-acoustic folk-punk, with a shot of Thelma and Louise . . .” — Mel Minter, Musically Speaking

“You are going to want to pop the top when your eardrums hear what I have already had the pleasure of soaking mine in.”  –Carlos Contreras, ABQ Arts Magazine

“Despite being a young band, Floozy is already known for its unique interpretations of classic hits and the ability to write songs that are at once funny, honest, insightful and timeless.”  — Adrian Gomez, Albuquerque Journal

Photo by Anne Hallett

Photo by Anne Hallett